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Gretchen Christine Rossi is the CEO & Creative Director for Gretchen Christine International

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A Small Part of my Story

"Gretchen Christine International is a fashion and beauty solutions company"

Ever since debuting her Cosmetics line, Gretchen Christine has steadily grown the company to be a well-respected and highly sought-after fashion and beauty brand.  With fans and customers in more than 144 countries, the companies’ extreme attention to detail, the quality craftsmanship, forward thinking colorways, yet simple and classic designs make Gretchen Christine products extremely desirable.  


The Gretchen Christine Collection works with many different types of textiles and materials to bring all the designs to life, specializing in high quality leathers such as Croc, Python, Pony and dyed Calf suedes.  Vegan Leather is used at times as a leather substitute, Prada Nylon and even the custom jewels that are used to embellish the evening bag designs.   


Gretchen was born into a designer family legacy, Gretchen’s father Scott Forward, is a hugely successful designer and engineer who instilled in Gretchen a passion for colors, textures and designs at a very early age.  

After obtaining her BA from Baylor University in Texas, her love of design, lead her to a very lucrative career in Real Estate and Interior Design.  Her accomplishments by 2008 landed in her a very exclusive group of agents. Gretchen was recognized by Coldwell Banker International for being in the top 7% of the world for sales volume and interior design installations. 


In 2009 Gretchen decided to follow her dreams and make a transition into accessories and fashion and interior design. Gretchen Christine debuted her first handbag designs, The Gretchen Christine Collection during New York Fashion week in 2009 working very closely with David Manning and his Style360 Company to huge success.


In June of 2008 Gretchen’s desires to create and perform where noticed by Hollywood producers who approached her about joining the wildly popular NBC/Bravo Television series, “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”  Gretchen embraced the offer as a business opportunity, she saw the show as a way to showcase her designs to the masses.   Gretchen’s presence and popularity were a consistent factor with-in the TV series over the last 6 seasons.  Now entering its 12th season, the show is a huge international success recently celebrating more than 120th episodes and being aired in just over 140 countries.  


Being owned and syndicated by NBC Universal, it has become a billion-dollar franchise for the network.  Gretchen immediately became one of the shows break out stars.  With adoring fans all over the world, the show has been seen by over 400 million people, from the UK to Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Dubai, Asia and Mexico.  Gretchen now has more than 688,000 twitter followers, she has 872,000 fans on Facebook and another 1M on Instagram and growing.


In 2010 Gretchen launched “Gretchen Christine Cosmetics”, Gretchen’s name sake cosmetics line has almost 300 sku’s and is a staple among top salons and make-up artists.  In 2011 Gretchen launched Gretchen Christine Swim wear into retail.  An exclusive deal with Swim Spot retail stores, Gretchen Christine Swim was completely sold out around the country in less than 7 days.


Gretchen’s desire to design and create show no signs of slowing down as she is prepping to launch several other categories with in the Gretchen Christine collection by the summer of 2024. 


In addition, Gretchen Christine Rossi was named in the top 30 on Twitters 2015 top 100 Entrepreneurs to watch.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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